Posted by: Dutch | November 26, 2009

Double exposure?

Take a close look at the two prints below.

Double exposure?

Obviously, the results show clearly that a double exposure it is not. Same folks, different century. The frame at the bottom was taken 60 years later than the top one. The clothes alone should give you a clue.

The subjects are my brother Dave and sister Margie. The top frame was taken in 1948 when Dave was 5 and Margie was 3 with a Speed Graphic. It was entered in a National high school photo contest and won an Honorable Mention.

At a family Thanksgiving outing in 2008, I decided to recreate the pose as best I could. The result, shot with my Olympus digital, fills the bottom frame. I’ll leave it up to you to guess their ages now. They are both still well and very active a year after this was taken.

Note that over the years, Margie grew slightly more than Dave; or Bave has shrunk slightly. Your call.


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