About Dutch

Hi, everyone!

A number of my friends and relatives over the years have encouraged me to write a book, but I decided to go the blog route instead.  That way I can share my writings, opinions, experiences,  family history and photography with all who care to indulge my ramblings. The development of the material in this blog is a labor of love, so it will be slow to emerge as I am in no particular hurry at this stage of my life. In other words, be patient with me as I chronicle the things I have found important in my life to date.

Dutch is not my given name, even though our family name is Dutch in origin. A former boss and good friend of mine coined the name ‘Dutch’ for me when we worked together in Colorado in the early ’60s. The name never really stuck, but I figure that now is a good time to revive it in his memory for instilling in me a work ethic that stood me in good stead for 30 some years after his untimely death.

Most of my career years were spent in technical writing or video production in large corporations. However, I spent a total of three years as a reporter for two small-town newspapers and even drove a school bus for six years following my retirement from the corporate world.

Through all this, I kept up my amateur photography efforts which I began in 1946 while still a sophomore in high school. Thus, I can boast 60+ years as a photographer.

I invite you to visit where I live and learn about my very early family roots.

I will add to this biography as time goes by.

– Dutch



  1. I like the page grandpa!

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