Works in Progress

As I rapidly approach my 80th year, I still have three areas of interest (hobbies, if you will) that I am still pursuing on a full time basis – my writings, my photography, and our family tree.

You can read evidence of my on-going family tree research by going  to the Family History page.

As for the writings, I compiled a collection of idioms and catch phrases discussed on my Idiom Collection page. To augment the book, I started documenting the sources of randomly selected catch phrases or language oddities and including them in this blog on an ongoing basis.  Most of the sources for my language  oddity posts are reprinted from the UKs Phrase Finder, a great place to visit. Check out the Blogroll to the right for a link.

I also wrote a book on résumé writing for older folks which is discussed on my Résumé Writing for Mature Workers page.  This book is available online at Lulu. Check the link on the résumé writing page for details.

My continuing interest in amateur photography is introduced on my 60+Years Behind the Lens page and showcased throughout this blog by photo-illustrated posts filed in the category  “60+ Photo Years.”

Hope you explore further and enjoy the fruits of my senior moment efforts!

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