Favorite black and white images

Over the years I have taken more black an white (monochrome, if you will) photos I consider favorites than color shots. That’s probably because I started out in monochrome and was restricted to monochrome during my photo-journalist days in the news reporting business during the ’60s.

I have listed and described my favorite monochrome prints on this page in chronological order:

I took this shot of my younger brother and sister with my boss’ Speed Graphic in 1948 to enter into a National high school photographic contest. I won an honorable mention. See the post I wrote about updating this photo elsewhere on this blog.


Dave and Margie in 1948

Second on my list is this Memorial Day 1964 shot of these 48-star flags flying  in a Western Colorado cemetery.  It was printed on the front page of the semi-weekly newspaper I worked for at the time. It is my favorite published work.


Long may they wave

Also taken during my two-year stint as news editor/photographer in the ’60s in Western Colorado  was this shot taken at our local major industry – the Holly sugar beet processing plant, for which I took brochure pictures. I liked the composition and red-filter rendering of the steam and sky.

Sugar beet processing in Delta, Colorado

Last but not least of my favorite Colorado shots for this page is of this well-groomed rural school building, once again enhanced with the good old red A filter.

Rural school in Colorado

All the Colorado photos were taken with a large format camera, namely a Rollieflex with 120 Plus-X or Tri-X film. I developed and printed all the pictures myself. I should note that the 8×10 prints of these pictures have not faded or become discolored after 50+ years – a great testament to Kodak chemicals.

The final favorite on this page was taken with my Chinon 35mm SLR while I was working for a different newspaper  near my home in Northern California. I call it the “Bridge to Nowhere” since the road dead ends about two miles beyond the bridge.

The bridge to nowhere

The photo was shot on Ilford HPs stock and developed at home in Kodak D-76 developer diluted 1:1 which produced a very fine-grain image. It  was then scanned into my computer by a PrimeFilm negative scanner.

I may add other shots to this page as time goes by.


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