Mature Worker Resumes

Résumé Writing for Mature Workers is a step-by-step primer for those individuals who find they must re-enter the workforce after a prolonged absence or who thought they had made a successful transition into the “world of retirement’ only to find they must start knocking on employment doors again.

The book was originally written in conjunction with a video program hosted by human resources specialist Carol Larsen of Minneapolis, but has been given new life as a stand-alone product for the computer age. Its precepts are as relevant to members of the younger workforce as they are to mature workers – as attested to by a present day HR specialist, the name of whom will be furnished upon request.

Covered in this book are the four most commonly recognized résumé formats, what the résumé should contain, how to put it all together (including the effective use of adjectives and adverbs), how it should look, how to distribute it, and how to prepare an effective complementary cover letter.

Also included in separate appendices are typical samples of all four résumé formats and the companion cover letter, as well as worksheets to help the reader assess personal goals and skills and document work and education histories.

For information about how to order this outstanding resource, click on the “Buy Now” icon below.

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  1. Hi from south africa, good article. i’ll come back next week to see what’s new.

  2. fantastic site. I am so looking forward to seeing more articles 🙂

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